How Align Production Systems removed bottlenecks at the end of a progressive stamping line using high speed turntables.

The Situation

A leading press manufacturer was looking for a way to improve work flow and efficiency for a customer without significant capital investment on the customers large component press line.

The progressive stamping lines for large components needed a more efficient end of line racking solution, as the racks would often be full before they could be moved by a fork truck operator. The customer approached Align for a solution.

High Speed Turntable for Press Line
18′ Air Caster Turntable with Dual Edge Drives

The Solution

Align Production Systems designed an air caster turntable with a custom top made to accommodate two racks  that was integrated into the end of the press line.

  • Optimized Efficiency The custom turntable solution eliminated the time between switching racks.
  • High Speed Operation Dual Edge Drives with precision locators allow the table to rapidly rotate.
  • Made To Measure Turntable top was custom designed to accommodate part racks.

The Result

With the new turntable integrated into the end of the press line, the customer was able to continuously produce components while the fork truck operators swapped part racks, eliminating pauses in production.

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