Align Production Systems’ Heavy Duty Adjustable Headstock & Tailstock Positioners deliver height adjustment & variable-speed rotation in either direction to optimize your fabrication or assembly operation. Our positioners are designed to improve worker ergonomics in your welding, torching, cutting, or cladding operations by positioning the workpiece into the ideal work position. Adjustable Head & Tailstock Positioners are offered in 3 weight capacities ranging from 8,000 to 35,000lbs. Available options rangr from simple hand controls to robotic interfacing servo package. We also offer custom designed headstock & tailstock solutions to fit your project specifications.

Heavy Duty

Our Headstock & Tailstock welding positioner can easily lift & rotate weldments weighing up to 35,000 lbs.

All ELectric Power

Our positioners feature an electric slew bearing & ball screw lift system, eliminating hydraulic fluid mess & fire hazard.

Precise Operation

Adjustable workpiece height and precision rotational movement position workpiece to optimal ergonomic position.


Adjustable Headstock & Tailstock Positioner in Action

Adjustable Headstock & Tailstock Models

Model Number Max Capacity Rotational Torque Rotational Precision Power Vertical Travel Vertical Travel Speed Vertical Precision Center Point Range
HT-E-08 8,000 lbs 48,000 in/lbs Standard 480VAC, 3Ph, 60Hz 60″ 1.7 – 34.0
Standard 16″ – 76″
HT-E-15 15,000 lbs 75,000 in/lbs Standard 480VAC, 3Ph, 60Hz 60″ 1.7 – 34.0
Standard 16″ – 76″
HT-E-35 35,000 lbs 190,000 in/lbs Standard 480VAC, 3Ph, 60Hz 60″ 1.7 – 34.0
Standard 20″ – 80″

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Adjustable Headstock & Tailstock Options

Model Number Model Name Description
HT-E-HC Hand Held Pendant Standard controls for manual positioning. 12 ft. cord.
HT-E-CS Control Stand Standard controls on a movable stand. 12 ft. cord.
HT-E-FC Foot Controls Control rotation and lift with foot pedals 12ft. cord
HT-E-CG Central Grounding Centrally located grounding point for whole machine
HT-E-WS Warning System Choose from; 1. Waring stack light. 2. Warning horn. 3. light curtains. 4. Floor sensor pads
HT-E-WP Wireless Controls Wireless Pendant Controller
HT-E-AB Horizontal Adjustment Tailstock mounted on horizontal rails for different part lengths
HT-E-TI Tooling Interface Custom mounting plate for interacting with part or fixture
HT-E-RB Riser Base Custom bases to increase ground clearance

Custom Sizes, Capacities, and Speeds Available

We partner with our customers to design and build one-of-a-kind custom solutions that are unmatched in their versatility and reliability for a diverse set of material handling challenges. Speak with our sales team for more information.

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