Air Caster Rigging Equipment for Heavy Load Movement

For over 40 years, Align Production Systems has been providing innovative, cost-efficient solutions to complex lifting and transportation challenges faced by heavy industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to move a 35-ton boring mill or a power plant operator replacing a 47-ton feedwater heater (or anything in between), Airfloat has a heavy load movement solution for you.

Align Production System air skids and air platforms can be used in conjunction with mobile cranes for complex indoor-to-outdoor (or vice versa) moves. Or skip the costly, hazardous crane altogether and perform the entire move at ground level with air casters.

Advantages of Air Caster Rigging Equipment

  • Move heavy loads quicker and more efficiently
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce point loading due to better weight dispersal
  • Lower capital expenditures – eliminate cranes and moving contractors
  • Easily maneuver loads around corners or in cramped spaces

From design and fabrication to assembly and maintenance, Align Production Systems delivers powerful rigging and hoisting solutions that are easy and safe to implement—just one pound of force is required to move 1,000 pounds of weight. When you want the safest, most ergonomically correct way to move and position heavy loads—regardless of industry—you want Align Production Systems’ air caster technology.