Align Production Systems’ line of industrial turntables are designed with efficiency, improved ergonomics, and worker safety in mind. With over 50 years of experience in building heavy duty industrial equipment, Align Production Systems’ turntables are available in an array of standard configurations, or can be designed to integrate with your specific application. Learn more about our turntable offering and options below.

Standard Turntable Types & Options

heavy duty turntablesAir Caster Turntables

An air caster turntable is fitted with Airfloat air caster technology, which creates an air film between the base and the top, making the turntable nearly friction free, reducing the wear and tear. Our air caster turntable is also ideal for high speed applications.

custom industrial turntablesMechanical Turntables

Mechanical turntables are outfitted with a more traditional drive unit, and can even utilize a slewing bearing and wheels for heavy loads.

Our mechanical industrial turntables are a great alternative to our air caster turntables in outdoor environments, or for areas that do not have air connections.

Turntables Swivel TopsTurntable Top Options

Align Production Systems offers our turntables with several top options. We offer our standard industrial turntables with either a round top and square top. Our standard turntables can also be fitted with risers, center dividers, corner angle locators, conical locators, and rack sensors.

Align Production Systems also offers a lift/tilt top industrial turntable. This turntable can be fitted with two our pneumatic lifts or pneumatic tilts.

To view our standard turntable options, please visit our eCatalog.

Custom Industrial Turntable Solutions

Align Production Systems can design and build custom heavy duty turntables to any size and load capacity, including special fixtures or load support hardware. Custom projects can be designed with Airfloat air caster technology or more conventional mechanical bearings and wheels. From simple manual rotation to a completely automated system integrated with your manufacturing process, Align’s quality manufacturing insures safe, reliable operation for years

We provide full-service custom engineering, taking complete single-source responsibility for your custom turntable project

We partner with our customers every step of the custom solution process, from application development to in-house manufacturing and field support. Align Production Systems provides full-service engineering, taking complete single-source responsibility for your custom turntable project. Through safety and ergonomic evaluation, we ensure a solution that fits your plant floor and facilities.

Success Stories For Our Industrial Turntables

To learn more about how our heavy duty turntables helped Caterpillar increase its productivity, read our case study here.

Industrial Turntable Videos

View videos and on the advantages and usage of our air caster industrial turntables. Industrial Turntable videos.