Align Production Systems’ Head & Tailstock Positioners delivers powered variable-speed rotation in either direction to optimize your fabrication or assembly operation. This product line is designed to optimize your welding, torching, cutting, or cladding operations. Our standard Head & Tailstock Positioners can range from a manually controlled, 5,000 lbs positioner, to a 200,000 lbs positioner with robotic interfacing. In addition, we also offer custom designed solutions to fit your project specifications.

Product Specifications
•   Weight Capacities up to 200,000 lbs. •   Standard Tethered Hand Pendant Control
•   360° Continuous Rotation •   Accommodates varying tooling lengths
•   Brush-style brass grounding block •   Standard manual welding setup
Product Options
•   Foot Control Treadle •   Adjustable slide base for constant alignment
•   Remote Hand Pendant •   PLC controlled servo motor w/ encoder
•   Alternative AC and DC power supplies •   External Axis servo-kit for robotic interface
Head & Tailstock Positioner

Head & Tailstock Benefits

In addition to improving throughput in fabrication or assembly, our head & tailstock positioners also offer ergonomic and safety benefits. Using a positioner can eliminate overhead welding and manual positioning, as well as optimize work piece access. As a result, these improvements can reduce downtime due to worker fatigue or injury.

Safety Benefits
•   Eradicate overhead welding •   Eliminate Manual Positioning
•   Zero Backlash Holding Torque
Ergonomic Benefits
•   Increased work piece access •   Improved welding quality
•   Reduced operator injury & fatigue •   Reduced operational hazard
•   Easy Installation •   Free up crane and fork truck usage

Additional Resources

To view our selection of standard Head & Tailstock Positioners, please visit our catalog.

To discuss a custom Head & Tailstock Positioner with a sales engineer, contact us.