Eliminate time-consuming and dangerous mold changes by crane or fork truck with a Quick Mold Change System from Align Production Systems

With a Quick Mold and Die Changer, the usual one- or two-hour change is quickly reduced to 15-20 minutes.”

With the Quick Change Die and Mold System from Align Production Systems, the usual one- or two-hour change is quickly reduced to 15-20 minutes. With our ergonomic benefits applied to the equipment, the handling allows “hands-off” operation.

How Does Our Quick Change Die And Mold System Work?

The Quick Mold and Die Change System transmits the mold to the press, then inserts it automatically without the use of an overhead crane or forklift truck. A typical Align Production Systems changer has two side-by-side positions that can transport two molds. Once the change is complete, the mold can be moved off the line and stored in a remote location or taken to the tool room for maintenance.

Quick Mold and Die Change System

  • <h4>Steerable Single Mold Changer</h4>

    Steerable Single Mold Changer

    A single-position, steerable quick mold changer that can move, lift and push/push a 10,000 lb. mold. The unit includes a 24-inch hydraulic lift table, a top-mounted control panel, a docking rail, and an external steerable drive for moving the mold changer between presses and storage racks. The unit has variable transfer height between 20 and 44 inches.
  • <h4>Single Mold Changer</h4>

    Single Mold Changer

    A single-position quick mold changer with 80,000 lb. capacity. The unit is equipped with roller deck top, powered push-pull device, integral mold handling control panel, two internal drives (one rotates 90º), and a pendant controller for drive functions. The top roller sections are set to a fixed height of 50″ above the floor. The mold push-pull travel speed is 6-10 feet/minute.
  • <h4>Two-Position Mold Changer</h4>

    Two-Position Mold Changer

    An Airfloat two-position mold-changing transporter with 16,000 lbs. capacity on each position. The changer travels on four air casters that glide up to a press. An onboard lift can adjust twelve inches vertically for various press heights. The changer has two side-by-side positions that allow removing the used mold and inserting a new one in less than 10 minutes.
  • <h4>Self-Contained Mold Changer</h4>

    Self-Contained Mold Changer

    A two-position mold changing transporter with 40,000 lbs. capacity on each side. The changer is self-contained, meaning it is powered by an LP gas-driven 195 SFM compressor centered on the top mid-section of the changer. The unit includes an after-cooler and a 60-gallon surge tank on the compressor output.

The Align Production Systems Quick Mold-Change System can be used with a multitude of press sizes, as the unit is supplied with variable transfer heights. In addition, Align Production Systems offers the options of manual or automated controls.

The Quick Mold-Change System is uniquely versatile in that it can be used with mold storage, pre-stage, preheat and racks. It can also be configured to change from operator or non-operator sides.

Learn More About Our Quick Die and Mold Changer

To learn more about this application and how an Align Production Systems customer used it to reduce their mold change time from 2 hours to 10 minutes, read our case study here.

Quick Die and Mold Changer Videos

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