Our pneumatic turntables are fitted with Airfloat air caster technology, the low profile design works by creating a thin layer of air between the base and the top of the table, making the table nearly friction-free while moving loads effortlessly. We bring you decades of experience in engineering, allowing us to help you in creating a seamless integration of your assembly needs. Our low maintenance design keeps the potential for downtime to minimal, if a problem were to arise our turntable components can be replaced without taking the load off the table. Quality materials matter, our air caster utilizes a 100% urethane diaphragm design for superior wear resistance and is attached using extremely strong mechanical-rolled steelhead.

Quality Materials

Our Air Casters only utilize a 100% urethane diaphragm design with superior wear resistance for moving loads effortlessly.

Low Maintenance

Our turntables allow for components to be replaced without taking the load off the table, keeping downtime to a bare minimum.

Ergonomic Solution

Air Caster turntables are designed to be configurated to your needs like multi-position tables, lifts, tilts, mechanical rotates, and custom racks.


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Standard Turntable Options

Airfloat Industrial Turntables standards range from 12,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs capacities, 84 to 144 inch diameter and a low profile of only 7 inches in height. They can be fitted with risers, center dividers, corner angle locators, conical locators, Lead-ins and rack sensors. We also can build custom heavy duty turntables to any size and load capacity, including special fixtures or load support hardware. Our turntables are built to allow all components to be removed or replace without taking the load off the table, keeping down time to a bare minimum.



Orange shock stop for air caster turntable Orange shock pin for air caster turntable Orange drive unit for air caster turntable

Shock Stop Assembly

Internal hydraulic shock stop allows the tabletop to be stopped at the 180 degree mark, this will send a signal to the pneumatic shot pin that precisely locates the table top.

Shot Pin Assembly

Pneumatic Shot Pin allows the tabletop to be precisely located when it reaches the 180 degree position. The shot pin will shoot into a v-block which precisely locates +/- 1/16 of an inch.

Drive Assembly

Internal Pneumatic Drive has two parts to it, a motor and pneumatic airbag. The pneumatic airbag actuates the drive up and down allowing you to either manual or powered rotation.


Center divider in focus with round air caster turntable Corner Locators in focus on Air Caster Turntable

Center Dividers

We have two types of standard dividers; center divider and divider screen. Center divider is 8 inches tall, it help partition the turntable into two separate loading locations. The taller 60 inch divider screen is mounted to the center divider, also separating the tabletop into two loading locations.


We have three types of standard locators; corner angle, conical, and Lead-ins. Corner angle locators and lead-ins are a standard way to position and hold the load in place, while Conical locators are for loads that require they be precisely positioned on the table.


Air Caster TurnTables in Action

How a airfloat turnatble works

How Airfloat Air Caster Turntables Work

Demo of Multi position air caster turntable

Air Caster Turntable with Duel Secondary Lift

Demo of Glass Rack Turntable in use

Air Caster Glass Rack Turntable

Demo of Multi position air caster turntable

Four-Position Air Caster Turntable

Demo of Multi Position Turntable with Tilts

Multi Position Air Caster Turntable with Tilts

High Speed Turntable Demo

High Speed Air Caster Turntable

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